Drum Mowers

A precision mowing process is the starting point for high forage quality. 
First-class cutting quality, low drag resistance and stability are the trademarks of PÖTTINGER mowers.
Best-possible ground hugging, minimal losses and precision when working without time consuming adjustments are what the industry demands.
Our mowers ensure first-class cutting quality, smooth operation and stability.


PÖTTINGER Drum Mowers rely on proven drum mower technology. The major advantage of these drum mowers is their high performance in dense grass crops.
You benefit from the boost in crop flow and perfect swath formation.

EUROCAT front- and rear-mounted mowers ensure first-class cutting quality, durability and output. Our front- and rear-mounted mowers minimise forage contamination thanks to their excellent balance and ability to follow undulations in the terrain. The result is maximum forage quality for your livestock.

The lightweight EUROCAT CLASSIC Front mounted mowers are ideal for smaller tractors. Drum-type mowers are known for their clog-free, tidy cut.

PÖTTINGER mower drum technology specialises in smooth crop flow and excellent clearance. Harvest time is short and precious. Ease of maintenance is extremely important at PÖTTINGER. The knifes can be changed quick and easy with the quick-change system.