Disc Mowers


First-class cutting quality, low drag resistance and stability are the trademarks of PÖTTINGER mowers. Here, the NOVACAT cutter bar has a central function for high quality forage. These have been designed and manufactured exclusively in Austria.

A precision mowing process is the starting point for high forage quality. Farmers expect the best-possible ground tracking, minimal disintegration losses and precision mowing without wasting any time in the field.

PÖTTINGER NOVADISC NOVACAT front and rear-mounted mowers minimise forage contamination thanks to their excellent balance and ability to follow undulations in the terrain. The result is maximum forage quality for your livestock.

NOVADISC rear-mounted mowers feature a lightweight construction for high output and a clean cut while requiring the lowest power input.

NOVACAT front and rear-mounted mowers ensure first-class cutting quality, durability and output. Our NOVACAT rear-mounted mowers with centre-pivot mounting can be equipped with swathing discs, tine-type conditioners or roller-type conditioners. NOVACAT rear-mounted mowers with centre pivot mounting and adjustable weight alleviation deliver the best forage quality and lowest contamination thanks to their excellent ground tracking capabilities.

Yet another product development that adds to the PÖTTINGER reputation as the grassland specialist.