GMD 10 - 100 Disc Mowers


GMD 10 - 100 Disc Mowers

Mowers with a simple and reliable design

The different widths of GMD 10 and GMD 100 series are adapted to small and medium farm operations. They combine a simple structure with many different features. 
These machines produce a clean and even cut. Their cutter bar is highly effective and robust.

Mowers in the GMD 10 and GMD 100 series are adapted to small and medium farm operations that require high standards in terms of dependability and cutting quality. Their compact design makes them perfectly compatible with smaller hp tractors. They are equipped with the 100 series cutter bar (except GMD 355 which has the OPTIDISC cutter bar) and other equipment that gives them the strength necessary for mowing operations.

GMD 10 Series comprises 4 models from 1.60 to 2.80 metres: GMD 16 (1.60 m), GMD 20 (2.00 m), GMD 24 (2.40 m), GMD 28 (2.80 m). GMD 100 Series includes 4 models from 2.40 to 3.51 metres: GMD 240 (2.40 m), GMD 280 (2.80 m), GMD 240 (3.10 m), GMD 355 (3.51 m).

The extremely reliable 100 series cutter bar

The cutter bar has been designed to cope well with obstacles. Being equipped with the PROTECTADRIVE safety system, in the event of a violent impact between a disc and an obstacle, the shaft holding the disc can shear just above the bearing thanks to a calculated shear groove. Therefore gearwheels are protected. In less than 15 minutes, the machine can be back up and running at a low repair cost. Top-of-the-range components strengthen the centrepiece of the cutter bar:

  • Special disc bearing station with a double row of angular contact ball bearings.
  • Large diameter gearwheels made from high precision forged steel with 3 cogs engaged.
  • Specific design of gearboxes, which prevents any stress on the attachment screws.
  • Knife attachment in forged steel cup. Fully heat treated discs to reduce wear.

Breakaway safety mechanism protects the mower unit

Should the machine hit an obstacle, the safety breakaway mechanism causes the mower unit to slighly pivot backwards so the impact is significantly reduced. You can reset the device simply by reversing.

FAST-FIT: 100% safe knife attachment

All GMD 10 series and GMD 100 series mowers have bolting knife attachment system.
GMD 240 to 355 models can be fitted with the FAST-FIT quick release knife system which comes with 3 extra guarantees:
- A powerful leaf spring provides constant pressure on the knife retainer but the knife is not restricted.

  • The knife retaining pins are also equipped with a shoulder to provide an additional level of security.
  • The leaf spring can only be pressed to remove the knife at one point when the knife is centred over the attachment.

Therefore, when the disc is rotating the knife cannot come loose. In order to keep maintenance costs down, the retaining pins and the leaf spring can be replaced separately.
Cutting quality remains just as excellent as the cutter bar is compact and the blades have an exclusive shape, which enables them to work extremely close to the protective skids.