Quicke Flexigrip & Unigrip Bale Handlers

Unigrip™ Unigrip has well proven design and a low net weight. It is used for the same tasks as Flexigrip. The choice between these two implements depends on the work routines of the individual user. Unigrip is also well suited for smaller square bales. The implement arms distribute the pressure evenly over a large area and this ensures careful handling of the bales. Unigrip gripping arms are made of large diameter tubes and have no sharp edges or welded joints. This prevents the plastic round the bales from being damaged. Flexigrip™ Flexigrip arms are mounted on heavy duty pins that have replaceable bushings. You can lock either the left or the right implement arm, but there is still some movement and this makes it possible to stack bales tightly without damaging the wrapping round the bale. The implement arms are also designed in such a way that it is easy to reverse away from the bale and this is an advantage when bales have to be stacked tightly. The uniquely curved and rounded shapes as well as the 90 mm tubes contribute greatly to the very careful handling of both lying and standing bales. Of special note are the long, curved tubes, formed out of one piece, without any sharp edges or welded joints. The upper extension to the tube is a special feature and it gives improved support when handling lying bales. Storing bales upright on top of each other reduces the risk of air and moisture entering the bales, Flexigrip is perfect for the task of stacking upright bales.