FC 1061 TC Disc Mower Conditioners


FC 1061 TC Disc Mower Conditioners

Central drawbar: maximum output!

FC 1061 TC mower conditioners come in five working widths (3.10m to 4.40 m). Manoeuvres are quicker with the central drawbar and GIRODYNE headstock. FC 3161 et 3561 TCD RA have grouper belt models.

FC 1061 TC series models with central drawbar are available from 3.10m to 4.40m. Manoeuvring on the headlands is quicker with these machines. Work output increases by 10 to 15 % compared to a trailed mower with side drawbar! There is more flexibility and user comfort with the GIRODYNE headstock which provides the easy handling necessary in producing high quality forage. There is also a grouper belt model available for smaller widths (3.10m and 3.50m).
Choose the conditioner to suit the main crop: DIGIDRY with steel fingers is an excellent performer in all sorts of conditions and especially in long forage on TCD models; with rubber SQUAREFLEX rollers for delicate forage on TCR models; with DOUBLE CRIMP steel rollers on TCS models.

GYRODINE headstock: fast, easy manoeuvring

The GYRODINE pivoting headstock is robust and enables turns in excess of 90° while keeping the PTO driveline straight. Maintenance requirements are low with only one oil-change point. The machine is coupled to the tractor with anti-rotation pins. This hitch system is extremely reliable and ensures safe manoeuvres.

Swaths adapted to harvesting machines

The machine is designed to handle intense forage throughput with three different delivery modes:

  • Regular swaths with adjustable width.
  • Uniform wide delivery. Changing from regular to wide delivery is easy and tool free (A). The swath shields are stored on the drawbar when working in wide delivery mode. (TCD).
  • Twin swaths are produced with fixed asymmetrical shields, available as an option on FC 3161 TCD
  • Twin swaths with an overall width of 2.70 on the FC 3161 TCD RA (compatible with 3 m pick-up) and 3.50 m on FC 3561 TCD RA (B).

Protecting the ground, even at high speeds

The mowing unit is suspended by torsion bars. It follows ground contours closely to produce an even cut and can be adjusted separately on both sides. This helps protect the sward and the machine, and keeps impurities out of the forage. The ultra-large tyres exert very little pressure on the ground during work and headland turns. The crop is preserved and soil compaction is avoided.