T8 - Tier 4B

T8 and T8 SmartTrax™ for dependable productivity

Powered by FPT Industrial Cursor 9 engines with ECOBlue™ HI-eSCR technology for Tier 4B compliant, clean running economy, New Holland T8 tractors match proven dependability and versatility with class leading performance. All models feature Engine Power Management, EPM, for greater output in demanding hydraulic, PTO and transport applications. As you would expect from New Holland, this is just part of the T8 story. These tractors can be built to meet the diverse needs of YOUR business.

SmartTrax™. Balancing power and performance

As the size and power of conventional wheeled tractors increases, the ability to transmit the potential extra performance into work in the field is compromised by the size of tyres and wheel equipment that can be fitted. With the unique T8 SmartTrax, New Holland is able to combine the manoeuvrability and flexibility of a conventional wheeled tractor with the larger footprint of tracks. You get the best of both worlds.

Putting the operator in comfortable control

The well-proven New Holland Sidewinder™ II armrest ensures all key functions are immediately recognizable and are perfectly placed for fingertip control. The 67dB(A) whisper quiet cab is the most spacious in its segment and offers uninterrupted 360° visibility. Comfort Ride™ cab suspension is standard on SmartTrax models, while both wheeled and SmartTrax variants have the suspended Terraglide™ front axle as an option.

Maximum versatility

The T8 series benefit from a long wheelbase for outstanding stability in transport matched with exceptional manoeuvrability in the field. Both the wheeled and SmartTrax variant of the T8 are not just a perfect choice for traditional, heavy draft applications but have the right balance and output for high speed secondary cultivation tasks. On the road, a wheeled T8 matches stability and comfort with a swift pace for transport duties.

Helping to reduce operating costs

Modern emission regulations can increase overall fuel use. But not with New Holland tractors. Thanks to advanced ECOBlue™ HI-eSCR technology, operating costs for all T8 models is around 10% better than previous generation T8000 models fitted with Tier 3 complaint power units. Proven Ground Speed Management on Ultra Command models ensures they remain the most economical full powershift tractors on the market. Auto Command can further reduce operating costs by ensuring the highest levels of engine and transmission efficiency.

T8: putting you in control

New Holland T8 series tractors are offered with five different power outputs that span rated nominal outputs of 250 to 380hp(CV). With EPM Engine Power Management, these figures climb to span 320 to 435hp(CV). But New Holland offers far more than just a choice of output.

Wheels or SmartTrax™

The top three T8 models are offered with the choice of conventional wheel equipment or the SmartTrax™ purpose developed tracks. SmartTrax is offered with a choice of track spacings and track widths to suit general and specific applications.

Ultra Command™ full-powershift

Proven, rugged, easy to use and efficient, UltraCommand is offered with a choice of 18x4, 19x4 or 23x6 forward and reverse ratios with a choice of 40, 40Eco or 50kph transport speeds.

Auto Command™

New Holland Auto Command™ is a continuously variable CVT transmission. It allows stepless speed selection from 0.03 to 40 or 50kph. AutoCommand has an operator friendly interface, with reduced familiarisation time for new operators.

The right model for your business

Selecting the right T8 tractor for your business is made easier thanks to New Holland offering a choice of power output, transmission type and both wheels and versatile half-track SmartTrax options. Your New Holland dealer can help you choose options to include front linkage and PTO packages, cab and front axle suspension, a choice of work lights, in-cab refinements and, of course, fully integrated PLM guidance packages.

With New Holland, choice comes as standard.


Traction without question

The new T8 range has the longest wheelbase in the segment. Ultra Command models boast a 3450mm wheelbase, and 3550mm on the T8.435. That is a full 500mm, an impressive half a metre longer than the nearest competitor. A longer wheelbase means greater stability at high transport speeds, lower ballasting requirement, and more traction for demanding heavy .

Terraglide™ front axle suspension

New Holland Terraglide™ front axle suspension is proven to protect the tractor, mounted implements and the operator from heavy shock loads during transport and in the field. Now it offers the added benefit of an improved turning angle. Combined with Comfort Ride™ cab suspension, you can now enjoy a smoother ride with no compromise in agility.

Heavy duty axles for heavy duty performance

The heavy duty axle is fitted to the T8.435 as standard. The 127mm bar axle is designed to cope with the massive power and torque developed from the Cursor 9 engine and transmit it into tractive force. It can also accommodate the largest 2.15m tyres, such as the 900/60R42 option.

New Holland T8. A wheeled advantage over competing conventional tractors

Reduced turning circle. Mounted well forward the front axle is matched to a tapered engine hood. This allows the hubs to turn to a full lock of 55 degrees, even when large front tyres or dual wheels are fitted. Class leading manoeuvrability. With a turn radius of just 4970mm, a wheeled T8 tractor can turn tighter and return to work faster.


Reducing emissions. Boosting efficiency

The 8.7 litre FPT Industrial Cursor 9 engines, featuring ECOBlue™ HI-eSCR technology, continue to set the standard for engine performance, dependability and efficiency yet still meet the latest Tier 4B emission regulations. When it comes to fuel efficiency, T8 series tractors are seldom bettered. This is matched to a long 600 hour main service interval.

Engine Power Management explained

With EPM, the engine develops more power and torque according to the load on the transmission, hydraulics and PTO. On a T8.350 tractor, EPM will deliver up to 71 horsepower extra, but only when it is needed, to maintain performance.

• Rated hp: power produced at rated engine speed.

• Max. hp: maximum power the engine can develop, in the working range.

• Rated EPM hp: power the engine can develop using EPM when conditions allow, at rated speed.

• Max. EPM hp: maximum power the engine can develop using EPM when conditions allow, in the working range.


The half-track advantage

SmartTrax T8 models represent a key advance in conventional tractor design, combining the in field advantages of a wheeled tractor with the flotation and traction benefits of a tracklayer. Factory developed specifically for the T8 series and available on T8.380, T8.410 and T8.435 models, SmartTrax are not simply a ‘bolt-on’ alternative to rear wheels. Detailed modifications to the transmission and driveline ensure maximum power and torque can be transmitted to the tracks for dependable performance in the most demanding of applications.

Comfort as standard

Solid tracks cannot deliver the same cushioning from shock loads as a tyre. With T8 SmartTrax, the optional specially tuned suspended front axle and standard cab suspension help to cushion the ride for a genuine comfort advantage over a twin-track machine.

Turn without the berm

During a tight headland turn, a tracklayer can cause damage to the soil, creating a “berm” ridge. With SmartTrax, tight turns are cleaner and less damaging. The result: no more rough headlands.

Full power turns

When working on headlands or around obstacles, where an element of turning is required with the implement still in the ground, SmartTrax has the advantage of allowing full power to be maintained throughout the turn. With SmartTrax, forward motion is not compromised by steering.

Contour following

Over uneven terrain, the pivoting SmartTrax undercarraige can articulate to follow the ground. Result? Continuous soil contact and the ability to work in diverse conditions and terrain for true New Holland versatility.

Terralock™ advantage

The combination of driven front wheels and SmartTrax deliver outstanding traction. Powered front wheels deliver the agility of a conventional tractor while the Terralock™ differential lock management system ensures the tractor stays on line in work, without snaking in greasy patches, unlike twin-track machines. In high draft applications, a T8 SmartTrax delivers the optimum balance between power and performance.

Get on, stay on

Get going sooner, keeper working longer. A lighter footprint has obvious advantages in helping to reduce compaction. But it delivers more. With SmartTrax you can start working earlier and stay working later in conditions that could compromise a twintrack tractor. Productivity and soil care can go hand in hand.

Track width

SmartTrax can be fitted with tracks of 45.7, 61 and 76.2cm width. From row crop to broad acre farming, there is a SmartTrax option to fit your specific needs.


Ready for modern demands

Heavy draft tractors need the rear lift capacity to raise heavy mounted equipment. New Holland T8 models meet this challenge with a lift of up to 10,927kg, with the power to raise and lower equipment quickly and efficiently. To further boost performance, all models come with advanced Headland Turn Sequencing, HTS. Designed to reduce fatigue and to ensure complex headland turn manoeuvres can be completed quickly and easily, HTS is easy to set up and use and it can quickly be altered in work to suit changing conditions.


Choose between standard 157 lpm and 279 lpm* high capacity MegaFlow™ pump. When there is a heavy demand on the hydraulics, Engine Power Management, EPM, kicks in to deliver up to 71hp(CV) more power.