Shaws complete Dublin Airport New Holland tractor delivery.

 Thu, 6th Dec, 2012

New Holland tractor dealer, W.R. Shaw from Rosenallis, Co Laois, has just completed the delivery of 17 New Holland T7.200 tractors to Dublin Airport Authority for their winter maintenance programme.

This is a special deal for Billy Shaw and his team at W.R. Shaw and builds on the success of the New Holland dealer as a successful supplier of contract lease tractors to Bord na Mona over many years. The dealership’s proven track record in terms of service reliability was a major factor in securing this
deal. This new batch of 17 New Holland T7.200 tractors will be used for vital snow management works at Ireland’s busiest airport from November to the end of March. They will then return
to the New Holland dealership for use in their hire fleet or for sale to farmers and contractors from next April onwards. The successful deal negotiated by Billy Shaw is part of a three year deal, where each winter period a fleet of 17 New Holland tractors will be working at the airport.
Dublin Airport selected the New Holland T7.200 tractors for their power, weight and versatility. The tractors are rated at 155hp and come with 50km/hr transmissions.

They will be operated by a large team of contract drivers who are on constant standby over the winter
months to deal with any potential snow problems at the airport. Most of the drivers are from farms and some have worked with Bord na Mona and are familiar with the use of these tractors. All drivers have been specially trained in tractor operation and safety systems for their important duties at Dublin Airport.
W.R. Shaw has fitted each of the tractors with a Zuidberg front linkage specified with Category III ends to link up with the large snow clearing equipment in use at the airport. This includes snow brushes and snow ploughs, designed to clear the areas around where the airplanes are parked overnight and during passenger and freight loading at the airport. All of the tractors are fitted with Goodyear Optitrac tyres, 540/65R 28 tyres on the front with 650/65R38 tyres on the rear. At the Dublin Airport they are powering a range of Eagle Airfield Equipment, mostly driving hydraulic motors that provide power to larger front mounted nylon type brushes. The machines are powered by rear mounted hydraulic pumps feeding a supply to the front of the tractor. Billy Shaw has specified the tractors so that they will satisfy the demands of the Dublin Airport winter management programme, while at the same time fit neatly back into his tractor hire fleet early next year. The tractors will be used alongside a fleet of 8 Multihog machines that are owned by the airport. Shaws Open day to launch the New Holland T6.140 Billy Shaw and his team at W.R. Shaw Ltd, Rosenallis, Co Laois are inviting all of their existing customers and potential customers to the launch of the long awaited New Holland T6.140 and the T5.105 tractors at their premises on Tuesday 4, December from 2 pm until 8pm. This latest New Holland tractor has huge benefits for farmers in terms of versatility and economy, according to Billy Shaw. One of the main advantages is the fact that the pto speeds can be operated at lower and more economical engine speeds. And the tractor has an excellent power to weight ratio of an average of 8.3kg/hp, which is claimed to be better than its biggest competitor. The new ECOBlue SCR technology engine used in the T6.140 tractor provides more power, more torque, greater EPM band and more torque back-up. The engine uses the AdBlue fuel system, which New Holland has proven will bring signifi cant fuel savings upwards of 10%. The maximum engine power and 1000 speed PTO are synchronised. The T6.140 tractor can also bring fuel economy savings due to the use of the engine idle speed management. This automatically drops the engine speed drops from 850 rpm to 650 rpm when the tractor is in idle mode. The maximum engine speed on the new T6.140 is available at a low of 1800 rpm.
This increases incab comfort due to lower noise levels as well as saving you money by lowering fuel consumption. The T6.140 tractor has a powerful hydraulic system using two individual hydraulic circuits. The basic output combines an oil fl ow of 80 litres/min with 47 litres/min to give an impressive overall fl ow rate of 127 litres/min. This can be further boosted to 113 litres/min plus 47 litres/min to give 160 litres/ min fl ow in specifi c cases. The tractor hydraulic system has four spool valves each with four positions, with fl ow setting and a kick out safety system at 140 bar pressure. The rear linkage has an impressive lift capacity of 7864kg. The new T6.140 is also a compact tractor with a 4.04 metre turning radius. That makes it a very suitable tractor for loader work. It is fitted with a real front differential lock to improve traction and extend your tyres’ life.
At the tractor’s launch at W.R. Shaw’s Open Day on Tuesday 4, December from 2 pm until 8pm, there will be an opportunity to experience the new T6.140 tractor. You will be able to get access to this tractor’s impressive cab where all controls are fully integrated for stress free tractor management. You will see where New Holland has satisfied tractor driver’s demands where comfort and absolute driving pleasure are key customer buying motives.