GF 1012 Tedders


GF 1012 Tedders

Field pickets deserve your attention too

Mounted tedders available in two working widths (8.70 m and 10.80 m) for medium to large sized operations. They are equipped with the HLC (Headland lift Control) rotor lift system for fast and effective manoeuvres.

GF 1012 range include 8 and 10 rotor tedders with working widths of 8.70 m and 10.80 m. Narrow fields will no longer be an issue for users of these mounted tedders thanks to the HLC (Headland Lift Control) rotor lift system . Simply activate the valve to lift the rotors a minimum of 50 cm off the ground, in less than 5 seconds.
They are also equipped with all the components that have made KUHN tedders such a great success over the years, both in terms of capacity and forage quality.

50 cm in less than 50 seconds with the HLC system

Benefit from the HLC system that raises the rotors at headlands. Your central rotors will reach a height of 50 cm and the outer ones will rise even higher.
You'll feel more confident and gain work output with these easy and manouverable teddersl:

  • Reverse into pickets and corners.
  • Headland turns made easy.
  • Acess multiple fields without folding the machine. Ditches are no longer a problem!

The high ground clearance of the rotors prevents any forage build-up when passing over larger swaths.

Ultra-compact for extra road safety

Couple these tedders to tractors from 80 hp.
Whether on roads or in the shed, our new tedders have been designed to save space and to be easy to manoeuvre operator comfort is a must!.
Width and height do not exceed classic road dimensions (3 metres wide and 3.25 and 3.65 metres high respectively for the GF 8712 and GF 10812).
Field access is easy with the shorter transport length and considerable ground clearance. The patented linkage system between the headstock and the beam ensures:

  • Ideal road suspension.
  • Perfect stability during turns and in work mode.
  • Just the right weight balance between the machine and the tractor.

The GF 10812 is the most compact tedder on the market with work output reaching 10 ha/h.