HR 1020-1030-1040 Power Harrows


HR 1020-1030-1040 Power Harrows

A perfect seedbed in all conditions

3 to 4 m working width for HR 1020-1030-1040 rigid power harrows.

KUHN's new range of HR power harrows has a model to suit every condition as well as options adapted to your requirements. The HR 1020, 1030 & 1040 series power harrows with working widths of 3 to 4 m, can work in solo or in combination with a seed drill. The HR 1040 series power harrows are ideal for high-powered tractors up to 320 hp. Hydraulic adjustments make  your job easier, and as work output is one of our priorities too, our power harrows have been developed to extremely high standards, to ensure you are able to work non-stop.

The seed drill mounted onto the roller frame

When coupled with a seeding combination, the power harrow depth and the seeding depth work completely independantly of each other. This is because the drill in mounted on the roller frame. This also increases stability, and guarantees accurate seed placement. These power harrows are designed to work with both pneumatic and mechanical seed drills.

Tines, rotors and levelling bar adapted to your conditions

The specific design of the tine helps create a fine tilth with a working depth of down to 20 cm. The HR 1040 series features 335 mm tines to perform in the most challenging conditions. Duplex gearboxes make it possible to adapt rotor speed to working conditions. Speed can vary between 255 and 539 rpm for the 1040 series to achieve excellent seeding quality in very difficult conditions. Depending on the series, depth and levelling-bar position are hydraulically adjustable from the cab to adjust the machine on the move.

Perfect levelling between passes

Long and deep profiled side deflectors ensure a perfect finish between two passes. They are quick and easy to adjust with spring safety and double-arm attachment for optimum hold.