PRIMOR 3570 M Straw Blower and Feeder


PRIMOR 3570 M Straw Blower and Feeder

Designed for low horse powered tractors!

PRIMOR 3570 M trailed all-fodder straw bedder and feeder, with the POLYDRIVE system and a capacity of 3.5 m3

The PRIMOR 3570 M has been designed and developed for farmers looking for a 3.5 m3 straw bedder and feeder compatible with 50 HP tractors (70 HP for haylage bales).

Thanks to its large capacity, the PRIMOR 3570 M cuts down on handling times: 1 bale with a diameter of 2.00 metres, and 2 of up to 1.5 m in diameter. The machine can easily accommodate square bales of up to 2.7 m in length.

The adjustable regulating tines come as standard, allowing the machine to adapt to the properties of the feed by modulating the action of the separating system.

POLYDRIVE feed rotor drive

With the POLYDRIVE patented system, the feed rotor benefits from the power generated by the turbine flywheel. Distribution of long-fibre forage is no longer a chore.

With a drive belt that can be disengaged as required via the electric controls in the tractor cab, you can cut the forage flow when obstacles are encountered along the feed passage (posts, drinking troughs, passing farm workers, etc.).

All it takes is 2.5 minutes to distribute a 1.4 m bale of haylage!

All-fodder type feed rotor

The PRIMOR 3570 M straw bedder & feeder is equipped with an all-fodder feed rotor, with sections mounted on a series of 8 discs in order to maintain the structural integrity of silage and similar foodstuffs (no 'milling’ effect).

The regulating tines ensure a regular flow of feed into the turbine, shaped and positioned to distribute the fodder along the whole length of the separator.

Continuous adjustment!

The PRIMOR 3570 M is equipped with an adjustrable regulating system. With 3 preset positions and an optional hydraulic adjustment system, this set of regulating tines is key to the machine’s superior flexibility.

For difficult foodstuffs (long fibres and haylage bales), the low positioning of the boom prevents forage from getting into the turbine. The fibres are thus effectively and evenly distributed.

When it comes to bedding, the quality of the straw is key! That’s why setting the tines to the raised position allows you to increase the flow of straw into the turbine. Flattening is kept to a minimum.

For silage feeding

For farmers working with silage, an optional slide directly aligned with the turbine ensures that the product is redirected as soon as it leaves the chute, for clean swath distribution.

The wide opening ensures there is no risk of blockage when working with long-fibre fodders. Manual installation.

The length of the outflow pipe can be adapted to the tractor track.