FB 3100 Balers


FB 3100 Balers

Exceptionally high density and unmatched lifetime

KUHN FB 3100 Series fixed chamber balers are top of the league. The balers are designed to provide you the highest density and capacity in the toughest conditions across the world.

At the top of the league, we offer the KUHN FB 3130 and FB 3135. These fixed chamber round balers are designed to provide you the highest capacity in the toughest conditions across the world.

With two models and a wide range of intake options, there’s a baler to suit your operation. Choose between a non-cutting OPTIFEED rotor, a 14-knife OPTICUT cutting rotor or a 23-knife OPTICUT cutting rotor. 18 POWERTRACK rollers provide exceptionally high density and reliable bale rotation in all crop conditions.
The net binder with active stretch technology ensures a firm bale shape with constant net tension throughout the entire binding cycle. The FB 3135 is also available with the KUHN TWIN-reel film binding system. You can conveniently control each of these balers from the comfort of your tractor seat with the in-cab terminals. The KUHN FB 3135 is fully ISOBUS compatible.

Optimal crop pick up

The cam-steered pick-up on the FB 3100 Series maximizes the full capacity of the machine. With a working width of 230 cm, the machine is capable of working in all windrows and will not let you down, even in the toughest conditions. Straight pick-up tines help release the crop and reduce crop wrapping. Camless-shaped crop guides result in an efficient and gentle pick-up. A cam track pulls the tines straight down in the rearward position to avoid wrapping, making this the only hybrid pick-up on the market today. Therewith, it can handle every kind of crop, from long straw up to the shortest autumn silage or crops with fragaile leafs. The pick-up features standard pendulum frame and optional pivoting pick-up wheels to allow the pick-up to adapt to changing field conditions.
To better meet your operation's specific needs, there are two intake options available. Choose one of our INTEGRAL ROTORS – the non-cutting OPTIFEED rotor or the 14- or 23-knife OPTICUT cutting rotor.


Available across the entire FB 3100 range is our INTEGRAL ROTOR technology found on OPTIFEED and OPTICUT models. This simple, maintenance-free intake system guarantees an enormous throughput capacity at all times. The short distance between rotor and pick-up tines maintains consistent crop flow. The design of this force-fed intake makes higher forward speeds possible for increased productivity and reduces crop damage. The INTEGRAL ROTOR is provided with rotor tines made out of Hardox® wear plates. Hardox combines extreme hardness and toughness to reduce rotor tine wear.

Non-cutting versions

The OPTIFEED rotor design, with double feeding tines and integrated augers, helps even out the swath by spreading the crop evenly for consistent bales every time. The double feeding tine design offers optimal grip on the crop.

Cutting: OPTICUT Rotors

KUHN OPTICUT (OC) cutting rotors are designed for unlimited intake capacity and excellent cutting quality. OC cutting rotors, with patented elliptical-shaped rotor tines, are acknowledged by users as one of the best cutting systems on the market. The silage is guided and drawn down to the knives from an early stage which improves flow and cutting performance while requiring minimal force, this also prevents unwanted blockages.
The INTEGRAL ROTOR, with the 14-knife OPTICUT system, is designed to even out the windrow and force-feed the crop into the baler for maximum throughput. The 14-knife OPTICUT cutting system provides a theoretical cutting length of 70 mm. Each single knife is spring-protected against damage from foreign objects. With GROUP SELECTION (FB 3135), the operator can choose to have 0, 4, 7, 7, or 14 knives in operation.

The INTEGRAL ROTOR, with the 23-knife OPTICUT system, has the benefits of intensive cutting and mechanical protection. The 23-knife OPTICUT system provides a theoretical cutting length of 70mm. Each single knife is spring-protected against damage from foreign objects. With GROUP SELECTION (FB 3135), the operator can choose to have 0, 7, 11, 12, or 23 knives in operation.
GROUP SELECTION results in easy knife changing and an improved driver comfort.

DROPFLOOR & Rotor disengagement

The floor and knives can be hydraulically lowered from the comfort of the tractor cab in the case of a rotor blockage. After the blockage is cleared, they can easily be brought back into work position.
In extreme circumstances, double security is provided by a standard rotor disengagement
clutch. This will enable the operator to bind and eject the bale from the chamber before continuing.
Both the rotor disengagement and DROPFLOOR technology ensure a fast clearance in case of a blockage and enables you to quickly continue your baling operation.