Stubble Tine Cultivators CULTIMER M/L


Stubble Tine Cultivators CULTIMER M/L

Performance in the toughest conditions

The CULTIMER is the ideal stubble cultivator for your farm. With different models suitable for all agricultural enterprises, these multi-purpose stubble cultivators will allow you to perform three actions in a single pass.

The range of CULTIMER stubble cultivators, is divided into two categories: CULTIMER M with 2 rows of tines and CULTIMER L with 3 rows of tines. These stubble cultivation tools are suitable for a wid range of tractors(75 to 420 hp). The CULTIMER curved tine is known for its mixing quality, whatever the soil conditions.

Thanks to the versatility of the wearing parts (points, wings, goosefoot shares), a wide range of cultivations are possible: shallow stubble cultivation from 3 to 7 cm to create a stale seedbed; incorporation of residue from 7 to 15 cm to keep the organic matter in the surface horizons; loosening or deep cultivations up to 35 cm deep for good water infiltration.

In order to adapt to different working conditions, the CULTIMERs can be equipped with various levelling tools and a wide choice of rollers. The CULTIMER range is equipped with quick and easy adjustments to ensure optimal user comfort.

Adapted to every need

The CULTIMER multipurpose stubble cultivators offer exceptional stubble quality thanks to three actions in one single pass:

The teeth play the role of stubble cultivating, loosening and mixing the soil. With their curved shape and twisted deflectors, they perform a homogeneous mixing of soil and residue. The crop residues are uniformly distributed over the entire working width to promote better decomposition. The large clearance between the teeth and between the rows reduces any risk of blocking even in the presence of large amounts of residue.

The levelling discs ensure a good distribution of the straw and level the surface before the roller passes over. The levelling discs ensure consistent quality of work even in stony conditions. The CULTIMER M 100, L100 and L100R ranges can be equipped with levelling blades. This economic alternative is perfect for performing stubble cultivation in light to medium soils.

The rollers make it possible to efficiently consolidate the soil to retain moisture and improve the soil-seed contact, thus promoting good germination. Depending on the consolidation required, KUHN offers a complete range of rollers, from light to heavy, to best adapt to the working conditions.

Exceptional work quality

The penetration capacity of the CULTIMER is incomparable thanks to the positioning and curvature of the tines. The power requirement is less than a straight tine while guaranteeing optimal mixing.
With its twisted deflectors, the CULTIMER offers a perfect distribution of soil and residues, creating the perfect environment to accelerate the decomposition of the straws.
The quality of work is maintained in all conditions with undercarriage clearance of 85 cm. The spacing between the teeth prevents blockages and ensures good performance in residues even at high speed.

Soil penetration guaranteed

The tine is the centrepiece of the CULTIMER; it must be perfectly stable even in hard soil.The Non-Stop Mechanical (NSM), double spring safety device gives 600 kg pressure at the tip. When tripped, the vertical clearance of up to 30 cm allows the obstacle to pass through and the tine quickly returns to the work for a quality stubble cultivation even on stony ground. Maintenance costs are reduced and work rate increased with fewer releases. The Non Stop mechanical safety ensures improved comfort, since there's no change of part required.
The CULTIMER M and L100 / 100R ranges can be equipped the Safe-T safety device, traction bolt tines. As an economical alternative, the Safe-T safety device is ideal for stone-free light soils.
The 3,000 kg of pressure at the tip prevents unexpected releases. Traction bolt safety is more effective and easier to replace than a shearbolt safety.