HR 104-1004 & HRB 102-103 Power Harrows


HR 104-1004 & HRB 102-103 Power Harrows

A perfectly prepared seedbed

This power harrow ranges offer a working width from 2.50 m to 6 m. Rigid or foldable, they can be used in solo or combined with a seed drill. Discover the key to get an optimal seedbed in all conditions.

Optimal seedbed preparation is imperative to achieve consistent germination and root development. Many factors require you to work in different conditions. The wide selection of tines and equipment as well as the large range of rotor speeds, are all arguments that will ensure your satisfaction with your KUHN power harrow. Take a look at our power harrow to admire the robustness and high level of manufacturing quality.

Tine holder positioning

The tine holders of the KUHN power harrows are positioned in a specific way to create a gradual soil mixing. This precise and exclusive design prevents the harrow from being affected by negative vibrations while reducing power consumption.

Controlling the depth

The height adjustment of the roller is easily done by means of limiting pins. Free to move downward, the roller retains all its grip, even if the machine was to lift slightly during work. The rounded shape of the pin and the stop ensures a large contact area.

Perfect finish

The specific design of the side deflectors guide and channel the soil to ensure good finish between passes. Fixed on the HRB roller arms, the deflectors follow the working height of the roller. On the HR 1004 series, they are mounted on reinforced arms. The efficiency and quality of work are maintained even in stony conditions.