Integrated Air Seed Drills VENTA


Integrated Air Seed Drills VENTA

Designed for higher precision and simplicity

VENTA integrated pneumatic seed drills can be used in combination with HR 1020 - 1030 - 1040 power harrows and CD 1020 series disc cultivators. CD/VENTA and HR/VENTA seeding combinations come with Suffolk coulters, double discs or SEEDFLEX seeding units.

Seedbed preparation and application rate are dependant on conditions, which often vary. For perfect adaptation to conditions, CD/VENTA and HR/VENTA seeding combinations are equipped with many easy-to-adjust settings. These features allow you to adapt seeding to varying conditions, quickly and easily. Many settings can even be adjusted from the tractor seat while working...

Change the tillage tool in less than 10 minutes !

The roller frame of both tillage tools is equipped with patented linkage parts that make it easier to hitch and unhitch the VENTA seed drill. Uncoupling is quickly carried out, if you want to work solo with the power harrow or change tool.

Calibrate and vary seed rate

Less getting on and off the tractor with the calibration button at the rear of the machine. For night work you can light the LED on the metering unit and the hopper, for working precision. The electric metering unit allows you to adapt the application rate precisely to field conditions. Effective application rate modulation (VRA) is carried out by application maps loaded on the ISOBUS terminal.

Set seeding depth and adjust the covering harrow

A ratchet on either side of the drill enables you to adapt seed depth accurately to working conditions. You can also adapt the pressure of the power harrow to your working conditions and seed type with its centralised settings.